Upcoming Daily Webinar Schedule


  • Thursday April 16th: PPP Lender Options (register here). If you have been declined by your bank, if your bank is not participating, or if you are having trouble applying, I will have a commercial finance specialist on the call, whose company has successfully helped numerous business get their PPP applications approved.
  • Friday April 17th: Main Street Lending Program (register here). This is the latest initiative to keep businesses afloat during this crisis. I will analyze the program and share what companies it might be a good fit for.
  • Monday April 20th: PPP vs Tax Credits (register here). I will analyze the effect a PPP loan can have on your eligibility for other cash flow relief tax credits and vice-versa.
  • Tuesday April 21st: Are you overpaying for your Workers Compensation because of COVID-19? (register here). The crisis has brought on waves of layoffs, furloughs, and salary cuts. Your WC policy might need to be revised to find savings and maybe even refund opportunities. We will do a deep dive into this topic.
  • Wednesday April 22nd: PPP vs Tax Credits (register here). See Monday description
  • Thursday April 23rd: Are you overpaying for your Workers Compensation because of COVID-19? (register here). See Tuesday description
  • Friday April 24th: Main Street Lending Program (register here). See April 17th description.
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