About Us

Why do business with Financial Blind Spot?

We’ll do a great job placing and evaluating your coverage, but a lot of brokers can do that. However, we’ve made a substantial investment to make many other critical services available to our clients at little or no cost, things like Labor Legal consulting, Human Resource questions, General Business Legal advice, Employee Handbook reviews, Accounting questions, and even Organizational and Strategic Planning.

Our cooperative network consists of corporate attorneys, accountants, human resources specialists, labor law attorneys, IT specialists and more. We offer resources that help run businesses more successfully by reducing wasted time, energy, stress, and money by reducing risk and liability. Business consulting services range greatly, from a variety of areas such as human resources, IT, tax & accounting, to real estate law, construction law, and labor law subjects such as discrimination, harassment, and wage & hour regulations. Consulting services are our flagship program and by and in itself, offers a world of opportunities and benefits.

Another privilege our clients enjoy is access to discounted added value products and services through our Alliance Partners, who provide products and services that employers need to be compliant and/or help reduce risk and liability. Such items range from State and Federal compliance posters, injury and illness prevention plans (IIPPs), safety or tailgate meetings, drug testing, background checks, and Workers’ Compensation management services.

We recognize that the risks to business today, go far beyond exposures that are addressed by insurance alone. We appreciate the opportunity to help you, and look forward to servicing your insurance needs! Fill out our contact form or call us directly if you have more detailed questions.

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